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Hello Beauties,

Our goal is for everyone that steps into Revelli Beauty to feel & look beautiful.My passion is in lashes, brows & permanent makeup.

Understanding your beauty needs is the most important aspect to me as it helps me find the services that best suit you. The beauty in finding color and shapes for your face is where my art lays here at Revelli Beauty.

That’s why I have traveled around places to learn from the best instructors! Current certifications are from Baltic Brows, Neezie Brows, PhiBrows, Baltic brows Ombre Shading, Baltic Manuel Lip Tattoo, Baltic Eyeliner, Baltic Tattoo Removal, Ellebana Lash Perm & Ellebana Semi-permanent Mascara. 

Thank you for chossing us for your beauty needs!


Vanessa Revelli

CEO of Revelli Beauty

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Does it hurt?
Pain tolerance depends on each client!

We have had clients fall asleep while getting their procedure done, while some clients say, it feels like they’re getting their brows plucked. We use a topical numbing agent before your procedure & during the procedure.

Which technique is best for me?
We offer a few techniques depending on the type of skin you have & your Brow goals. This is why we ask for a photo of your bare brows (without make-up) & we ask what your everyday lifestyle consists of?

Do you work out everyday, wear makeup daily, no make daily etc…
We take this factors into consideration to determine the best technique fit for you!

Why can’t I drink coffee?
Coffee or ANY caffeinated drinks are not your best friend when doing Microblading on your brows. Reason being is Caffeine tends to thin out your blood & makes the heart beat faster! This will not help you retain color and it would be difficult to add ANY ink into your skin. It’s best to avoid Caffeine for 24-48 hours prior to your appointment to get you the best results.

Trust us, an artist knows if you had been a bad girl & had Caffeine!

How long does it take to heal?
Healing time is 7-10 days
How often do I need touch ups?
Every client is different! After your first session when you heal, brows will get 30-40% thinner & lighter. This might cause some clients to want to go thicker and/or darker on their touch up. While some want to keep the same shape and/or color there may be a few strokes that have gotten too light.

This is why a touch up appointment is necessary, but If you’re happy with your results & need absolutely nothing, then no touch up is needed!

Can you do a touch up from another artist?
NOPE, NOPE, NOPE! As much as I would love to give everyone beautiful brows the sad truth is when you go to another artist before, we don’t know what type of color was used, blade, needle etc. If another artist is willing to take the risk know that you’re also taking a risk you don’t know how the cross of pigments can look or turn into when mixing them. This is why we rather work on a clean canvas or very, very light old brow tattoo.
Can I book an app if I’m pregnant?
While there isn’t ANY risk factors if we do your brow while pregnant or breastfeeding, we still don’t know your medical history. This is why we ask for a doctor’s note. If your doctor gives you the green light then we are more the happy to do your brows!
What If I have an existing tattoo?
We’ll need to evaluate the length of time you’ve had with your brows, if they’re light, dark, symmetrical, etc. once we do so we can then make a decisions. If brows are too dark, not symmetrical, scar tissue then we’ll need to perform BROW REMOVAL.
How should I prep for my appointment?
We’ll send you all information once we book you. But main factors is NO Botox 30 days before appointment. No Accutane or facials 2 weeks before appointment. No caffeine, Tylenol or ANY blood thinner 24 hours before appointment.
Why do I need a deposit?
Deposits are because we value your time & we value our time. This deposit helps us to lock in your date and the 2-3 hours that we need to work on your brows. It’s NON-REFUNDABLE & goes towards your balance. You do have 48 hours before appointment to reschedule if needed. If you cancel last minute or No show then you loose deposit & will need to pay another deposit to make another appointment. If you cancel for a second time we unfortunaly wont be able to rebook you.

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