Color Correction + Revelli’s Brow Technique

When you have an old brow tattoo, we need to cancel the old color so the new pigment can stand out. Just like you prime a wall before painting this is the same thing. After we prime we can the start your desire brow technique. We’ll finish the brow by add strokes then finish with a powdery effect.
Before booking this service you need the OK from artist to see if your old tattoo can be covered or needs to be removed.

Revelli’s Brow Technique (Most  Popular)

This Technique was created by Artist. It’s a combination of Microblading Strokes and a soft Powdery effect.We noticed clients wanted a natural brow look but still very sculpted & clean. Almost like you just got a nice brow wax clean up. We add most of our powder effect toward the bottoms of the brows while leaving the fronts & top of the brow with Just microblading strokes.

Makeup Look (Ombre Brows)
The Make Look Known as Ombre Brows

This Brow Technique is best for clients who like a more shaded brow look. Best for oily skin. On some Oily skin we can add a few microblading strokes on the front and top of the brows. (Artist will advise) this heals like a soft makeup look.

Revelli Brow Technique 2.0

This brow technique is best for clients who like a more shaded brow look. Difference between the “Revelli Brows” & “Revelli Brows 2.0” is this technique has microblading only in the front of the brows Vs “Revelli brows” has microblading in the front & top of the brows. This technique is more shaded then “Revelli brows”. And best for all Skin types. 

one year brow
1 Year brows

Is the Newest service we have brought. It’s a “Soft Powder Brow” that only lasts for about a year. After the year brows will be completely gone or super faded. This is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want brows to last long or like to change the style Of the brows after a year.

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